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BioArt Research Network - 2009-present  (Founder)

The BioArt Research Network is an intiative to develop safe, effective and creative avenues for the investigative research of domestic biotechnology. We are a collective of artists, designers and hobbyists exploring the manipulation of and interaction with living materials. Current trajectories involve bio-hacking workshops, curriculum development and public exhibitions among others. Studio projects include developing a domestic vegetative bio-printer, bioluminescent plankton, environment-specific microbial culturing and plant micropropogation. Research areas involve quorum sensing, personalized domestic food production and hobbyist innovation. Our aim is to involve the people whom biotechnology has the potential to most effect in the debates surrounding research, innovation and implementation.


Organic Logo for Jimaoc4 - 2010

This is a prototype design of an organic logo for the art collective Jimaoc4. The background of the logo will be a live camera feed to the website of a slime mold in a petri dish. The camera will doument the growth process of the mold for months.

Link to website coming soon.


Livingglass Window series - 2010

This series replaces the colored glass of a typical stainglass window with dyed agar media. The agar media is a nutrient rich medium that is used to grow microorganisms. The window is exposed to the air of the environment where the window will be shown. Once exposed, the window is sealed and hung for display in a predetermined location within the space. Within days, growth of bacteria, fungus, and mold will be visible on the colored portions of the window. These microorganisms will continue to grow for months until they consume all the nutrients within the window, at which point they will die.


Domestic Vegetative Printer (in developement) - 2010

Hacking 2D inket printers and using rapid prototyping machines to accomadate cellular medium, bioink. Currently developing physical protocols for workshop process. Focus is on domestic use and generation of food-based, nutrient-rich, hybrids.


All Bets Are Off - 2009

This sculpture pits bacteria from the mouth and bacteria from the foot in a competition to the death. Two circular shaped plates of nutrient rich medium are combined to form one unit. These plates are exposed to a swab sample taken from a mouth and a swab sample taken from a foot. The plates are placed in an incubator for three days to encourage bacterial growth. During the course of the show the bacteria will continue to grow. As they grow, they will consume the limited amount of resources that are available in their sparse environment. The winner will be the bacteria that consumes the most material. However, over consumption and over breeding will lead to the eventual death of both sides.